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Posted by scrubcedar: I finally checked with a local LEO on the facts about The laws in my area. He assured me by the letter of the law I was correct. He also assured me that here in Utah the laws were set up to protect armed citizens defending themselves and others.
Nothing wrong with your recitation of the black law. But you have to understand what it means.

You have to be able to explain why you thought you had to shoot. Had too.

If a man threatens you with a contact weapon from a reasonably close distance (and there's no really set distance, the Tueller drill notwithstanding), it is widely accepted that should he attack you, you could be in a world of hurt. If he starts to do so, you would be justified in drawing your firearm, and if necessary, firing. If you are sufficiently fast and well practiced, you have a chance.

You were speaking of deliberately opening up on a person who has not started to move. Not a man with a gun, but a man with a club, who is giving you time to aim at his knee. Bad idea. Trying to explain why firing had been immediately necessary at time would not go well, particularly under cross examination on the same points raised by you.

By the way, running backward and to the side could give you an extra margin.

And don't rely on a police officer for having much of an understanding of self defense law. They do not make the charging decsion and they do not present the case to a grand jury (if applicable) a trial jury. And it is unlikely that they have much if any experience in self defense cases.

I'm probably going upgrade what I'm carrying now, 38 special rounds to the chest don't cause the massive blood loss needed to kill quickly. .45 Colt anyone?
You're objective is not to "kill quickly". It is to stop the attacker quickly.

Reread Post #59.

The only thing that I would add is that injury to nerves, tendons, joints, and ligaments can impair you attacker's ability to get to you anh hurt you.

So as a rule of thumb --
More holes are better than fewer holes.
Larger holes are better than smaller holes.
Holes in the right places are better than holes in the wrong places.
Holes that are deep enough are better than holes that aren't.
There are no magic bullets.
I don't think there's anything wrong with your .38 (it makes deep holes that are reasonably large), but I might suggest a (mm or .40 cal semi auto (more holes).
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