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There have been occasions ...where the act of "clicking the safety latch or button off" has caused a shotgun to fire... and to me, its an indication of possibly worn or dirty parts or someone monkeying with the gun that didn't know what they were doing...but I understand it has happened. I often wonder - when I read these reports ....if it wasn't shooter error as well ...where the shooter had their finger on the trigger as well and didn't realize it / had big thick gloves on or whatever....

and there were reported cases in the last year or so ...on some Remington shotguns, with the safety still engaged, if the butt were thumped on the ground - not even too hard - that the shotguns was firing. Now in most of the cases reported ...poor handling practices were the real issue here... hand over the muzzle, loaded gun...shooter set it butt down firmly on the ground and it went off.../ tossing a loaded shotgun into a boat (safety was on ) and it went off....stuff like that.... / maybe it was a design flaw - maybe something was worn or dirty - but it was definitely a foolish mistake - and poor gun handling practices.

Of course we all want to practice safe handling procedures....if the gun is loaded ( make sure the muzzle is pointed downrange / or up in the air ) ....and if it were to malfunction ...then if it goes off....noone will be hurt. But every year a lot of guys get hurt loading or unloading weapons in the field, crossing fence lines, etc ...and some claim its a design flaw or a safety button failure ...but in my book they were all stupid - and avoidable accidents if proper gun handling was observed.

I wouldn't keep a round chambered in a home defense gun anyway ...shotgun or handgun for that matter...loaded, in terms of rounds in the mag yes.

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