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Gun sales went up a tick, but not nearly what they did in the leadup to Y2K
Tom, just for the record, the reason that Y2K was a non-event was that there was all the IT staff plus consulting companies across the country working very had to make it a non-event. I ran a crew of a bunch of people working on some big money software at a large bank. Let me assure you, that had the folks not done this, there would have been massive problems, more than you could imagine. The software that controls all the money movement, calculations, banking etc in this country would have failed due to date calculation being wrong.

I started writing software around 1985 and the stuff we were doing wasn't supposed to last as long as it did. In fact, 12 years later, some of those IT systems are still running.

But is was good for the gun industry ! as you said.....

Just like the movie Quigley Down Under with Tom Selleck is good for the companies that make Sharps rifles reproductions. Every time that movie airs on TV, a bunch more of the "Quigley model" get sold. When that movie came out, it put the company that actually made the gun(s) for the movie into a 4 year backlog.

There are lots of events that either trigger Pro or Con reactions nowadays, due to the nature of the people in our country and our unique situation with our Constitution.

Lets hope for and contribute to the positive direction that it is going.
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