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Posted by scrubcedar: You're assuming a person who immediately reacts when presented with a gun by running toward you full speed with an inferior weapon. I'm sorry that just doesn't make any sense. Most criminals are cowards.

Since opinion is running so solidly against me I'm certainly willing to rethink this but can anyone rufute the points I made?
Even is it is true that "most criminals are cowards", one has to ask whether you want to bet everything on that assumption.

And even though a person who is not armed with a firearm is unlikely to start an attack after having been presented with a firearm (police and parole officers I have spoken to tell me that users of methamphetamines may be exceptions), that's not the real question.

There are two real questions; Frank Ettin has already addressed the first, which has two parts:
  1. Do you really think you would have any material chance of hitting in the knee someone who has charged you before you have either started or completed your draw; and considering your comment that hits in the chest are likely to be inneffective, do you really think it wise to choose a .22?
  2. If he does not attempt to charge you, just how would you justify shooting him in the knee?
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