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I think we're all lucky to be doing what were doing. Wife's back was killing her
And she blew her 50 yd target with a 80. She is a upper 80's shooter. She then
Posted her 25 yd and shot a 99. Her agg was 179. The lady that came in second
Shot a 178. This makes the wife's 8 th National win. I'm not over this Bell's Palsy
Thing and the only thing I shot was the As Issue Revolver matches. I came in
1st in the 25 yd match and 3rd in the agg. Daughter is 14 and she got second
In her 25yd match and 4th in the agg. I used my Euroarms Remington with
454 balls and 14 gr Swiss plus cream of wheat filler. Boy that gun is a tack driver. First 5 shots just one ragged hole in the 10 ring. I was very happy. As
You know i'm 70. Don't know how much longer I will be able to keep this up.

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