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there is always a better chance you will miss the target/assailant if you try to wound too. This isn't just because of a smaller target rather than 'center mass'...slight adjustments from norm cause misses you might not think would occur. If you aren't an expert shooter, one day while firing your pistol center mass change all of a sudden and try a head shot as an example(many targets don't have limbs and this is only an example). Don't be shocked if you clearly miss the target. It has already been mentioned, but if you don't shoot center mass and shoot to wound it is considered deadly force just by firing the weapon at someone. This is always the case. You would also have other unmentioned variables and worms climbing out of the can if you tried to wound. Either way people are trained to say they aimed center mass to stop a threat regardless of the outcome(you wouldn't say I aimed for the head as an example). One is playing with fire when not aiming center mass(In My Opinion)
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