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Originally Posted by scrubcedar
You're assuming a person who immediately reacts when presented with a gun by running toward you full speed with an inferior weapon. I'm sorry that just doesn't make any sense. ...
I don't really see that anyone is assuming that. What can be expected is that an assailant with a contact weapon may charge you before you have drawn your gun. And of course that puts you well behind the curve.

And even if you start to draw the gun first, there are some who will think that they can still beat your draw and brain you or stab you before you can fire. Often they will be right.

Originally Posted by scrubcedar
...If I have a .22 chest shots are not likely to be immediately effective. I've seen enough GSW's to state that easily. If he is threatening me rather than tackling me, Immoblizing his leg makes more sense. A head shot is the next choice but listen to the old Brain injury nurse, I've seen more people live through a .22 to the head than you think! In the tackling/rushing scenario I wouldn't be confident of any of my.22 slugs being accurate and effective. I might very well wait until first contact and try to put multiple rounds in his head. Chest shots from a .22 would be as far down on my list of actions as possible, people can die from them but it doesn't happen quickly...
This is a pretty good outline of some of the limitations of a .22.

And while immobilizing the leg might sound good, it's a small target and would be shot under significant stress. I've trained with some very fine shooters, and I don't know that I've every trained with anyone who could reliably draw and hit a knee quickly, especially if the assailant were moving.

Originally Posted by scrubcedar
...In the scenario where he hasn't rushed you yet your best chance to stop him is to CRIPPLE HIM. I shoot his knee, you shoot his chest, which of us is more likely to have to continue to fight him?...
As far as that goes, in a high stress, dynamic violent encounter hitting with a shot to the torso is far more likely than hitting with a shot to the knee. And that conclusion is based in part on my experience with dynamic training where things happen quickly. Note that even if both of you are static at the same time, that state of affairs in highly unlikely to continue for long.

As far a a crippling shot, a shot to the pelvis might be a better choice than the knee. But reliably breaking the pelvis will require a solid hit with a round capable of meaningful penetration and able to hit the bone hard. Sort of takes the .22 out of the running for that purpose.
"It is long been a principle of ours that one is no more armed because he has possession of a firearm than he is a musician because he owns a piano. There is no point in having a gun if you are not capable of using it skillfully." -- Jeff Cooper
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