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You're assuming a person who immediately reacts when presented with a gun by running toward you full speed with an inferior weapon. I'm sorry that just doesn't make any sense. Most criminals are cowards. If you assume that such a person exists then I assure you any handgun you carry will not stop them before they reach you unless you shut off their central nervous system (brain or spinal cord). The only other effective tactic is breaking bones they need to run. I was always the one to who had to be first in on a takedown on an adrenalized or drugged patient let me assure you their pain receptors did not work at all, they could toss you around like a rag doll while horribly,even fatally injured. I was first in on the team because I could survive the beating that was unavoidable at that point. I'm a certified instructor in self defense/patient restraint under these circumstances. We taught our students what these people were capable of and why they could do it. That is the only person in my experience that reacts that way druggies or psych patients. Until you've seen it it's hard to even imagine humans being capable of the things I've seen. Unless what you are shooting these guys with leaves a hole the size of a baseball they are perfectly capable of killing you while bleeding to death. That being said yes some training is on the agenda for me when I get the time and money. My advice if you're dealing with these guys involves running like deer if at all possible. Since opinion is running so solidly against me I'm certainly willing to rethink this but can anyone rufute the points I made?
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