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I got her put together today. I gotta say, is amazing. They had this whole order put together and on the UPS truck in a mere 5 hours. I received it at my door (only paid for the regular shipping) roughly 40 hours after I placed the order. That's amazing to me, I didn't even expect it to ship until today at the earliest. I will ALWAYS buy from first if they have what I want.

That all said, I wanted to also update this post to let everyone know that this barrel (Remington 18.5" fixed modified choke with tritium rifle sights) came parkerized and with green lamps. I was very happy about that as it wasn't advertised anywhere what color the sights were. I even emailed the company but they didn't know and I wanted to get the order placed.

I'm really happy about how she looks. I was kind of going for a look that would match my HRA M1 Garand...wood, olive drab and parkerized steel.

I've shot and carried this old girl so much I wore the pump and grip down to a lighter color. Overall it looks like a dirty blond to me, so I decided that I'd dub her "Lucille" now. After the car washing girl in "Cool Hand Luke":

Here she is as she stands now:

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