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Posted by scrubcedar: If the gun I'm shooting has allowed me to practice that much and get that good and the bad guy in front of me has a short range weapon (knife, club metal bar etc.) do I need to kill him?

Pax has addressed the deadly force issue.

On my worst day at self defense ranges I could keep all six shots inside of a quarter with my Ruger.

What you can do on a stationary target at the range has nothing at all to do with where you bullets wii strike a rapidly moving attacker.

Knee capping a bad guy no problem.

Ya think?

I understand where you're coming from. If you read the post it came out of more carefully you will find no mention of a RUNNING attacker. I don't frankly care at that point what court defines deadly force a certain way, I'm trying to effect a certain result with a lighter than normal tool. The rattlesnakes I shot would have left me just as dead as a human I assure you, head shots on both IMMEDIATELY stopped the attack. No I was not saying to try for that precise of a target on a running human. That's not how most muggers etc. operate. They threaten you from a set distance to get you to hand over your valuables. If I have a .22 chest shots are not likely to be immediately effective. I've seen enough GSW's to state that easily. If he is threatening me rather than tackling me, Immoblizing his leg makes more sense. A head shot is the next choice but listen to the old Brain injury nurse, I've seen more people live through a .22 to the head than you think! In the tackling/rushing scenario I wouldn't be confident of any of my.22 slugs being accurate and effective. I might very well wait until first contact and try to put multiple rounds in his head. Chest shots from a .22 would be as far down on my list of actions as possible, people can die from them but it doesn't happen quickly. In the scenario where he hasn't rushed you yet your best chance to stop him is to CRIPPLE HIM. I shoot his knee, you shoot his chest, which of us is more likely to have to continue to fight him? This post is probably what I should have written in the beginning. If I mislead anyone I apologise. There is no way to count the number of GSW's I've seen in 20 years of Trauma Nursing in a big city. My strongest contribution at this point may be what happens after the trigger is pulled. If I say something that doesn't make sense ask me to clarify I'm new here and I may be saying something different than you think.
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