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Why so high an ES

I recently was finally able to take my new toy to the range. I received, as a souvenir, a Cooper MDL22, 6.5/284, 26" 1-8", called a Montana Varminter. I have no experience with Varmint style rifles, but always wanted one, and my wife bought me one as a Valentine gift.

I have relocated to the MS Gulfcoast and there is virtually no components available here, the only thing I found that I needed were primers and Win WLrs were all that I could find. I had to order everything, here's the list.

100 pieces Lapua brass
Redding dies
REdding trim die
RCBS case holder
Sierra 142gr Matchkings
Berger 140 gr VLD's
Vortex Viper PST, 6x24,FFP,ect

I had already H4831sc, RL 22, RL 25, Varget, and H331.

I have been reloading since 1976 for 30-30, 7mag, 7.7 Jap. 300WM, and 9mm.
I now reload for 300WBY,340WBY,223, 44mag, and now 6.5/284. I'm no newbie to reloading, but certainly not an authority.

I called Cooper to get their data used for the factory target. It was 49gr RL 22, 142gr SMK, Norma brass, and CCI 200 primer, and to start with a COAL 0f 3.00" and work out, that some shooters have had better luck at 3.1" and 3.2". I had already ordered brass at that time, and was able to only find WLR primers locally, but now the store has ordered Fed 210 and CCI 200 primers.

Here is what I loaded, 10 rounds 49grRL 22, 3.00"
10 rounds 49gr RL22, 3.1"
10 rounds 50gr RL22, 3.1"

My first string had an ES of 123fps, second string, ES 52fps, third string 48fps. Now I have chrono's almost every round that I've shot in the last 5 years, and have never had an ES of more than 20fps, what gives? I had a couple of good groups, under .3", those were in string three.

I want to add that I trimmed, measured, and trickled every load, calipered every loaded round. I was as meticulous as I possibly could be, but didn't weigh every piece of brass or every bullet.

I am new at varmint rifles, so I felt kind of awkward finding a natural cheekweld, getting rests set for this rifle, ect. I'm used to sporter type rifles, with Monte Carlo stocks, so I'm having to learn a new technique to shoot this thing.

I would really appreciate any advise and comments on what caused such extreme ES. I was thinking primers or powder, or both. I am considering upgrading to a higher end triple beam scale. Will appreciate any tips from anyone with experience with this chambering and type of rifle. Thanks fellers.

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