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I have an Austrian and a Hungarian M95. Mike is right, the recoil is right on up there, but it's not much different from a Mosin. They're relatively light rifles with a pretty stout cartridge. I may have gotten the luck of the draw, but mine are at least as accurate as I am. They're infantry rifles, not target shooters, so bear that in mind.

Ammo is not hard to find online, but it's not terribly cheap. I reload mine, which drops the cost substantially. I'm also signed up for a group buy on a mold to cast my own bullets over at Castboolits. En bloc clips are also pretty easy to find online.

My advice would be that if you get one in the traditional caliber, buy as many clips as you think you'll ever need...just in case.

As far as the value between the two types, I really don't know.
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