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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Remember that the goal is to quickly stop an assailant before he can hurt you (or someone else).
That can be a goal, but but on the way to it, other matters must be addressed first. The most prominant of those is finding an item a person can and will shoot. I am positive that my wife could not safely shoot a .357 snub nose revolver, so I wouldn't suggest that she carry one.

Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Or to put it another way, why would anyone think that a .22 will be enough when sometimes a .357 Magnum isn't necessarily enough.
Because "enough" at the receiving end may be "too much" at the delivering end. I would imagine that a gentle .22lr semi-automatic would be better protection for a woman than, say, pepper spray.

One topic I've never seen addressed is whether simply having a firearm, even one that may not be the most effective, would change the way a woman non-verbally communicates weakness to a predator. As I understand the predatory mindset, it is the signal of weakness that draws predation, and knowing that she may have options might influence her demeanor.
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