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For some people (i.e. my 78 year old Mother in Law), their physical condition severely limits their choice of weapon.

My Mother in Law has arthritis in her hands, and she has lost hand strength over the years. She used to be quite nimble and able, and has enthusiastically played golf her whole life.

She can't load rounds into a magazine. She has difficulty racking a slide... therefore, she shoots a revolver. But she doesn't have the hand strength to shoot DA for more than a few rounds, even when using a S&W K-22 with a fabulous trigger. Her preferred method is to shoot SA, with a two handed grip, and use the left hand to cock the hammer. She is actually pretty good shooting this way. It has to be a fairly light weight weapon, and low recoil. For her, the choice came down to a 22 LR revolver.

After reading this thread, I may see if she is interested in a 22 mag revolver.
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