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Secure safe for 4~6 handguns with a manual or key lock

My search for a safe meeting my criteria is turning out to be much more laborious than I wanted it to be.

I have a few handguns I would like to keep in a safe, and if possible, I would like them to meet the following criteria:

-big enough to fit 4~6 handguns, but not be bigger than it needs to be

-lock can be opened by combination or a key or anything manual. No electronic stuff, I read too many horror stories about them

-an actual safe, not a "security cabinet"

-hidden hinges, or at the very least, something that can't be pried open with tools from a typical household tool box

Please help...2 hours on google has yielded little to no results.

P.S. I live in a good neighborhood and have a good watch dog, I just want to take extra precautions.
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