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Thanks guys. I see some also share in my "Disappointment".

I have got about 500 .357 Mags loaded, 250 .45 ACP, 500 .45 Colt, and the good lord knows how many .38 specials ready to go for this week-end.

Now I am out of bullets for the .45 ACP and will have to switch to lead.

But I think RClark is right, these guys will either have to bring their own ammo or start shooting more .22 LR.

I think I have a few kids coming over this week-end also, so they will start out with the .22 LR and maybe work their way up to the .38 Special.

Policing up brass? I am still finding brass on the shooting range. Seems that no matter how thorough we think we have picked up the brass, every day when we go to water the cows, I find two or three more pieces. That is one reason I like shooting the revolvers, they do not throw brass hither and yon. Open the cylinder and dump them in the bucket.
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