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3.5gr of HP38/W231 under 148gr LHBWC seated flush should do the trick. Or 4.1gr under 158gr LSWC seated normally (1.475" for mine)

Berry's has a plated 148gr HBWC that works nicely. I use VV N320 under those. Thats the cartridge I choose when I just have time for a quick range session and dont want to dirty the gun at all. You can shoot 50 and barely tell the gun had been fired. I use 4.2gr (also seated flush) for my .38spc loads. You could start at 4.6 in .357 cases and see how that goes. Berry's HBWC like to be pushed harder than lead. 800fps minimum (although they admit thats not a hard and fast rule)
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