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Originally Posted by ltc444
Fixed Iron sights never fail.
O yes they do! I've sheared off two front sights in my pistol shooting (and lost the tritium vial in another set of sights). I am pleased to report that my eyes continued to track the front sight even as it sailed off into the range gravel.

I wouldn't argue against the statement that iron sights are more durable than the current generation of red dots for pistols; but they aren't infallible.

Red dots are an advantage on pistols for the same reason they are an advantage on rifles: better contrast and having the target and reticle in the same plane. However, unlike rifles, red dots on pistols are still relatively fragile and the advantages are minimized somewhat by the coarser accuracy requirements in most pistol use.

I still use irons myself; mostly because I have spent a lot of time training that way. However, I think red dots offer clear benefits and we are definitely less than 10 years and probably less than 5 years from having them as the primary sighting system on most defensive firearms.

Originally Posted by pax
Put it into a two-day weekend class at a professional firearms training school, with a reputable instructor.
Always good advice. Training will usually be a better investment than gear.
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