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I am trying to make sense out of this decision.

Up till now there has not been enough concrete evidence to tie the president directly to F&F.

By exerting executive privledge, President Obama has tied himself directly to F&F.

It only makes sense if the documents contain evidence that is so damaging to Holder that it forces his ouster AND having his AG resign damages the president to the extent that it ruins his re-election chances


The documents contain evidence that tie the president directly to F&F and either are grounds for impeachment or are so damaging that it ruins his re-election chances.

Axelrod is supposedly one of the most politically astute advisors in the country. It leads me to believe that the documents are extremely damaging to this administration.

I think this also tips the scales in the contempt proceedings. People who wanted to negotiate and head off a confrontation have just had the rug yanked out from under them. The adminstration has basically slapped the House of Representatives in the face. President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet.

I also think it changes some attitudes in the GOP. I think they smell blood in the water now, just my opinion.
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