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+1 for what Unclenick wrote.

I also compared WAP and Silhouette in the QuickLOAD powder database and noted that they have almost identical parameters. Their parameters are even closer than other powder pairs that are supposed to be identical. So, the particular lots of those two powders used by the QuickLOAD author to get those parameters probably WERE identical.

However, even powders sold by the same name by the same company vary from lot to lot by enough that you really need to work-up loads again when you change lot numbers. (That is probably why the other pairs of "identical" powders in the QuickLOAD database are not so close.)

But, FIRST, we need to be sure that what you have is WAP instead of W-296. IF it is really W-296, then even the maximum charge weight for WAP would create pressures too low to get the bullet out of the barrel. But, firing a SECOND bullet into the previous bullet while it is stuck in the barrel might cause serious damage to your gun and/or yourself.

So, please post the picture of the container and also the lot number on the can.

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