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If it is 296 then there should be an Orange Band with a large 296 in it. In smaller font above it should say:

"For Center Fire Rifle, Handgun, and 410 Shotshell Loads"

There should also be a 2963 on the lable to indicate W296 3 lb. can.

WAP: Winchester Action Pistol was introduced in 1994 and was made to replicate the powder used in factory 9mm and 40 S&W loads.

WAP3 means Winchester Action Pistol 3 lb. can.

If you have the Orange Label with 296 in it and WAP3 in small print at the bottom near the Net WT marking then something is a misprint. As the Staff have said, post pictures.

Underloading 296 poses one issue; overloading WAP presents another.
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