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Well then I'd say you were failing miserably at reading comprehension too. When did I ever say you were the one getting emotional or anyone for that matter? Allowing your emotions to interfere is not the same as being emotional. If someone were to ask me about my kids I'd say they were great kids! Of course that is biased and couldn't be taken as an objective answer. I've found the same is true of dog owners.

You took my post as being pointed toward you somehow. If you weren't making a suggestion then why on earth are you taking an issue with my post? Did offend you somehow? If so why? After all you didn't make a suggestion right? Or did you but just not in so many words?

Look the fact is I simply stated that I wondered if people weren't letting their emotions for their dogs interfere with their decision to suggest a dog breed for someone who was asking if this breed were a good fit for what they wanted. If you hadn't actually done that then why are you the one who is taking issue with that comment?

Basically since you clearly stated you hadn't made a suggestion then your original problem with my post is similar to the DI vs. Piston system ARs... an argument about a problem that doesn't exist. Right?

In any case I've told the OP pretty much ALL I know about Weims so I've got nothing more to add to this thread. I'm sure that others would be happier if you pm'ed me with any other issues you may have with me or my post but after this post unless I have something that actually pertains to the OP I'll refrain from public posting.
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