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Water Man,

Of course you know your breed. However how well do you know other breeds?

The other thing is if you truly know the breed why are you recommending a breed for a position it is not really that well suited for?

I talk with a LOT of dog owners - at least a few different owners every week, sometimes as many as a few a day. I also talk with a vets and have also done a lot of research (both internet and getting out to meet different dogs of different breeds) on dogs while learning to train dogs on a professional level. Being neck deep in the dog world I do come into contact on a regular basis with other people in the dog world in different specialties.

One thing that I can say is a common theme amongst almost all dog owners is that they will emphatically praise the particular breed of dog they've got and are in love with and as such will also equally emphatically say that that particular breed is the BEST breed ever - for every task out there. It sort of like they have the blinders on and don't see any other breed.

Personally I've owned over a dozen different breeds of dogs, raised them from 7 weeks on up to adulthood and some I've kept others I've sold but I've owned more different breeds of dogs than most average dog owners AND I've raised more dogs than most if not all average dog owners in their entire lifetime. When people ask me for my advice about dogs I pride myself on being able to give an educated and unbiased answer.

The question I have is how many dog owners out there could do the same? While you don't need me to interpret the OP for you can you say you honestly gave the answer you did because you knew enough about the breed and other breeds to say that this dog would be best suited for what the OP wanted and there were no other breeds that would be better suited? Or was your answer based only on what YOU saw in YOUR dog(s) and not in what you knew about the breed as a whole as well as other breeds?

You're right you don't need me to interpret the OP and I'm well within my rights to fill in the holes... which is simply what I'm doing. If you don't like what you read its your right not to consider it. Doesn't mean I can't write it especially since I didn't attack anyone nor was my post directed at anyone in particular.
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