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I've been researching the Meriden Fire Arms Company for some time now and am working on publishing a book about their history and products. I also put together

First an foremos, you are correct about the T32....this indicates your gun came with 32 inch Twist steel barrels.

Your gun is a relatively early example of a Meriden produced double gun. The lowest serial number reported on a hammerless double gun is number 1000. It is then assumed that the serial number convention started at 1000 and ran sequentially as production went on. The earliest hammerless double guns (like yours) featured the ‘The A. J. Aubrey’ name. The earliest set of ‘A.J. Aubrey’ guns also featured the ‘PAT. APPLIED FOR’ marking on the barrel rib. Guns with this combination of features tend to fall in the 1000 to 19,000 serial number range and cover the production between 1905 and 1907.

Later guns carried the 'New Aubrey' name circa 1911 and then "Meriden Fire Arms Co." starting in 1912 till the end of production in 1918.
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