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Originally Posted by Amsdorf
The myth I'm busting in this video series is that you don't have to aim a shotgun but can simply Rambo it from the hip.
That may be a myth shared at the Mall Ninja Forum, but I'm guessing the TFL members are a little more in touch with reality. Of course, pointing from the hip takes practice -- perhaps more practice than aiming a mounted gun.

Your video only showed that you can't hip shoot very well with that Benelli. The very first thing I noticed, in your introduction, was the gun you selected is designed for aiming and not for pointing (talk about bias). With an appropriate gun, techniques and practice you could be placing your first shot on target pointing from the hip.

What are you going to do, in a SD environment, if you confront someone who is a competent pointer and you don't have your gun mounted? You won't have time to align those fancy sights. Too many newer shooters believe MIL/LE guns and tacti-cool accessories are a viable substitute for comprehensive training.

I've mentioned this previously: Adding a light to your HD gun makes you a target. Why not spend the ca$h on a whole house lighting control system? It's useful everyday, not just in HD situations.
In a self-defense situation, when you are using 00 Buck, inside your home, where you do NOT want stray pellets penetrating into other rooms, or even other houses, you must aim your shotgun, that is, shoulder it and sight it, not simply rely on point-shooting from your hip.
Is that really your reasoning? A simpler answer is to use smaller shot, and not rely on your perfect aim and fat BGs. How are you going to tell your neighbor, "Sorry, I hit your child, I was using 00-Buck and the BG ducked."? And, don't rely on the BG stopping your pellets. It's my experience, a 00-Buck pellet may still be lethal after passing a fleshy mass.
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