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I used to practice when I owned revolvers. I think I was influenced by the old-style trick shooters but I never got anywhere trying to imitate them. By old-style, I mean Jordan. I even used a K-frame S&W, though not a Model 19. Instead, I used a Model 13. I also practiced with the N-frames I had but that was a hopeless exercise. I had a couple of Jordan holsters but normally I used a higher riding holster, not that it was in any way more realistic.

I finally decided that concealed carry with even a 3" barrel K-frame was not as easy as some suggest, so ultimately I gave up with revolvers.

As I've mentioned several times in several threads, I now have only two 9mm DA/SA handguns, both of which work essentially the same. I do practice with them but as far as I'm concerned, the only way I'm going to beat the clock is to get started before it does, while running.

I hate to admit having dropped revolvers a few times but I haven't done that with these automatics, which I suppose is a good thing. I'd also have to say that you'll probably have a problem if you try practicing with both a revolver and an automatic since the dynamics of the handling of two types of guns are different but I'll also give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time, I really wonder about how necessary a really fast draw is. Hopefully, not very much because in most of the situations I find myself, a fast draw is simply not going to happen.

For example, try it from where you're sitting right now.
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