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296 WAP ???

Winchester marketed TWO powders, one was W-296, and the other was WAP ("Winchester Action Pistol"). They are SUBSTANTIALLY DIFFERENT powders, with much different load data. The data for the discontinued WAP powder should be close to the data for the still current WST powder. These are a LOT faster than 296.

So, if the powder you have is really WAP, using 296 data could be DANGEROUS!

The real question is what exactly is this "296 WAP" powder that you have? I don't know of anything that was marketed with that designation. (But, I don't know it all.) Are the markngs original from the manufacturer, or where they made by somebody else, after purchase, perhaps when they used an old can from one powder to store another powder? Or did somebody MIX the two powders and GUESS that the mixture would be similar to Ramshot Silhouette? (That would be REALLY BAD NEWS, because the burning characteristics of powder mixtures are not predictable by us non-professionals, and that has gotten some folks into trouble when they tried to mix powders).

Be careful, please.


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