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Some of us did not get better accuracy with universal which is why we switched back to Unique. I admit universal is more consistent measurement but on paper Unique worked better "for me" with lead in many calibers.

Excellent answer!

I have been using Unique and Bullseye for more than 20 years. I have measured the velocity, examined the extreme spreads and standard deviations, compared with other powders, such as the ball powder AA#5, and found no improvement in accuracy or velocity spreads with the "better" throwing powders.

Delusional thinking extends to reloading. People think that better metering means better accuracy. That makes sense, better control of a variable must mean better control of the process, right?. Unfortunately, it does not. You have to shoot the load and measure the accuracy and velocity and often you will find that you are controlling a variable that makes no difference on paper.
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