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I only have a couple of the iron type molds. When I am done pouring, and while they are still pretty warm I take a q-tip and a touch of Kroil and apply just enough that I can tell there is some on the mold. If it is still warm enough, it will smoke a bit but it will still protect them for a good while. You only need enough of the Kroil on the q-tip to actually see it is damp, not dripping wet.

I haven't noticed it making much of a difference when I break them out later on. Once I set them on the hot plate to bring them up to temp they smoke a touch sometimes but when I start casting they usually throw good boolits from the get go.

Just don't get overly crazy with the application and make sure you mold is still pretty warm but not overly hot. If the Kroil smokes a touch, but you can see a bit of residual oil, it is just about right, if it flashes, and you see nothing your still way too hot. Just touch the outside edge with the q-tip and you can quickly see the difference.

That's what I do, give it a try on one and see how it works for you.
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