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Ok, now I'm really confused but maybe we can figure this out.

I purchased this MAS 49/56 knowing that it was originally issued as 7.5 mm. That ammo is very hard to find so, like many thousand others, this rifle was rebarreled for .308 (it says so right on the weapon, imprinted on the receiver right below the original 7.55 marking.) Now .308 caliber is 7.62 x 51 NATO which is, I believer, 8mm milsurp. The dealer said to shoot 8mm milsurp. The ammo I purchased is 7.62 x 51 ball and was sold as 8mm milsurp with the identifying marks in my original thread.

So, won't I be just fine with this ammo? I'm not shooting "modern" ammo as I want the original pressures; nothing higher.

You opinions, please!


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