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Presenting my fireram?.. Or drawing? Perhaps I have it wrong. I was taught that presenting a firearm was draw, make safe, present for inspection or surrender of the firearm. Drawing was well pulling it for business.

Having said that... How many people here have a standard way of presenting for inspection or surrender of their carry gun?

The instructions as I remember them were.

Draw and present a loaded firearm (pistol/revolver)
Draw unload and present an unloaded firearm
Holster a loaded firearm
Holster an unloaded firearm
Draw a loaded firearm
Draw an unloaded firearm
Draw and load an unloaded firearm and holster.

Of course these were range instructions during training. In the field I've heard "draw and present your firearm". This after a shooting you must surrender your firearm to the crime scene tech's.Or when surrendering your firearm to another officer for safekeeping during prisoner interactions.
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