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My 10/22 likes Stingers. They shoot good in it. The Mini-Mags shoot better for me but I've not yet chronographed the Mini-Mags. I use a standard recoil spring but do run a nylon buffer for the bolt, so far so good. When/if it falls apart, I'll put in another one. Perhaps a new or stronger spring also now that you guys mention it.

I've always heard how inaccurate and erratic Stingers are but it does not ring true in my 10/22 or my buddys 10" MK II.

10" MK II with Stingers (10 ft - 10 shots)
1516 fps/ 10 avg dev/ 58 es/ 19 sd

18" 10/22 with Stingers (10 ft - 10 shots)
1550 fps/ 10 avg dev/ 45 es/ 15 sd
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