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Standard, High Velocity, & Hyper....

Over time, things have changed. The original velocity loading of the .22LR is now called "standard" or sometimes "target".

The 'high velocity" loading (in the 1200fps range) has become the basic "standard" (meaning the most common) found. The actual load varies a bit, with different brands. Remington Golden bullets are my classic "standard", with CCI Mini Mags being a bit hotter.

THe developement of light weight (less than 40gr) bullets and increased velocity meant that they had to come up with a new name, since High Velocity had already been used, so it became "Hyper Velocity". Stingers, Yellowjackets, Vipers, etc.

All blowback actions are balancing acts. Weight (mass) of the bolt/slide, & spring tension vs recoil thrust from the case during firing. Some guns will operate well enough with hotter ammo than they were designed for, but they are under a strain. Others actually get battered and eventually break from ammo that is hotter than originally designed for.

Keep the hyper stuff in manually operated actions, and its rarely a problem. IN semis, especially the older ones, (and the budget ones), hyper speed ammo can be trouble. Trouble is, usually, everything is fine, until suddenly, it isn't. And each gun is different about how many hypers it will eat before getting sick.

No, I won't tell you hyper vel loads will certainly damage your gun, but you increase the odds of trouble when you shoot something the gun wasn't specifically made to handle.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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