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Here and elsewhere people have insisted that they can, with absolute certainty, under a high stress situation, shoot their shotgun from the hip,
As I went back to closed 'chapter one' and read through the pages, unless I missed something, I did not read anyone promoting shooting from the hip in a SD situation. Please quote post if I missed it. Nor have I ever heard anyone(other then the movies)promoting such.
The first mention of shooting from the hip was you in post #3.

Then the discussion pursued the art of point shooting versus aiming. Which are two different ways of shooting a shotgun and IMO, still not addressed.

This is the reason I asked the question to you if you are calling hip shooting point shooting since your 'chapter two' is showing hip shooting versus aiming.

Again, thanks for the vid. but it does not address pointing versus aiming a shotgun.
Too, I assure you, at SD distance, if I'm in a blacked out area(can't see my sights) and an I.D.'ed BG is silhouetted, my point shooting from the shoulder will suffice.

One more question, what choke were you using in your vids?

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