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Honestly, I think my point is clear enough. Here and elsewhere people have insisted that they can, with absolute certainty, under a high stress situation, shoot their shotgun from the hip, and yes, they have said they would use their "point shooting" skill acquired by shooting birds or clays.

My concern remains that people not make the mistake of thinking that the shotgun pattern is such that they will be able to spray and pray from the hip, hopeful that they will knock the bad guy down.

My first video showed how a shotgun patterns shooting 00 buck even out to unrealistically far HD distances, and the closer you get, the tighter the pattern.

I went on then to say, and show, that you need to aim the weapon to make absolutely sure that relatively tight pattern of highly lethal 00Buck hits your target, not most of the pellets, all of them, so that you do not send a pellet into a loved one in another room, or a neighbor in another apartment or even a house close to yours.
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