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No. Actually that would be a stupid thing to do on many levels.

1. You are going into a situation that is on someone else s property, this puts you instantly at odds with the law concerning self defense, you have no right to be there, carrying or not.
Not true. Just because I am not on my own property does not mean that I don't have rights to self defense. However, if you know of a particular Texas law that states this, please share it as it would seem to be a rather key law lacking from CHL instruction courses.

2. While you could simply phone the neighbor and ask him to tone it down, or call LE and complain, you have taken it upon yourself to become an "uninvited guest" This puts you at a disadvantage, and you have put yourself at unnecessary risk.
Generally speaking, I don't consider any of my neighbors to be a risk to me and I have no more concern about confronting them than they would confronting me. I am not going to disarm just because I want to ask my neighbor to turn down his stereo.

Uninvited guest? I don't recall seeing that stipulated in the trespass laws, but going up and knocking on the front door to address the homeowner is not considered being an uninvited guest anymore than a cop or door-to-door salesman would be an uninvited guests. It is the point of contact, a standard point of contact commonly used. If I have not previously been told not to enter the property and the property is not posted against trespass, then there is no problem with being there so long as not being told to leave.

But if I think I'm going to a place where I have a higher than normal everyday risk of confronting a particular person and need a gun - maybe I shouldn't go to that particular place to engage that particular person.
I also have no problem with this statement, but I won't disarm just because I am going to knock on the neighbor's door and ask him to crank it down. Just because I don't think there will be a problem doesn't mean a problem won't occur...and it may not even be with the neighbor having the party.

I submit that had he: A. "let the cops handle it" or B. "not brought his gun" we would likely not be discussing this at all.
Based on my own experience, big parties don't quiet down even after a visit from the neighbor. The party in question was a big party, so the cops should have handled it but Rodriguez was impatient and had issues apparently. And had he not brought his gun (as if the gun is the problem???), you are right, we likely would not be discussing the indicent here, but not because something didn't happen. Instead, it would be discussed on one of the unarmed combat or non-firearm combat forums discussing how it was that Rodriguez got beat to a pulp.
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