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Actually, tho the guys are sorta correct, I DO think the Morgan pad will bring the gun up to where it should be. Sorry, the rib and sights are already aligned with the stock. The raised stock in small fractions of an inch with a huge POI change is not the same as getting the gun up to position with your long neck. You want the Morgan (machined aluminum -- they used to cast them). And, there's another factor...

As indicated the skeet gun is for skeet. A Trap gun is unique also as alluded to. Raising the comb a hair would help for Trap. But not your shooting position much. Does your gun have double beads? If not, when you install the pad, install the smallest mid-bead on the rib. You'll not only have two settings on the pad -- one for skeet (and everything else) and another for Trap -- but in skeet you will want to align the beads and for Trap you'll STACK them. the latter means bird over front bead over mid bead; you'll be a AAA Trap shooter in no time.

Now THAT's cheap. But actually what you need to do if you aren't replacing the barrel or rib with a Trap-specific configuration as you add an adjustable comb stock at the same time. In other words, your intuition and common sense were RIGHT ON!
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