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Thanks, Paul. Unlike so many, you took the time and effort to test things out.

And your results were predictable.

Hip shooting is egregious at more than contact distance.

Aiming produces much better results.

And maybe some of the nay sayers should back away from the keyboards, hit the range and make their OWN videos to rebutt, reinforce or co-oberate your results.....
While shooting from the hip is best left to Hollywood stars, aiming vs pointing still is the question.

Just because someone makes a video on the net, doe NOT make it gospel, and Dave, of ANY one here, you should be first in that line of agreement

But then I disagree with Chuck Hawks and others who feel a 12" LOP and scrunching up on a shotgun is the way to go - there is WAY too much data to disprove that line of thinking
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