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I have no problem with the guy taking a gun to another person's house to complain. That actually would be the prudent thing to do.
No. Actually that would be a stupid thing to do on many levels.

1. You are going into a situation that is on someone else s property, this puts you instantly at odds with the law concerning self defense, you have no right to be there, carrying or not.

2. While you could simply phone the neighbor and ask him to tone it down, or call LE and complain, you have taken it upon yourself to become an "uninvited guest" This puts you at a disadvantage, and you have put yourself at unnecessary risk.

had Rodriguez been killed by a bunch of drunk guys when he went to a party and complained about the noise and it was noted that he had a CHL but did not bring his gun, no doubt we would have thought him stupid for not letting the cops handle it
I submit that had he: A. "let the cops handle it" or B. "not brought his gun" we would likely not be discussing this at all.

I see no problem with phoning a neighbor, or even knocking on his door and politely asking he crank it down a notch, and that failing, calling LE to complain, but if you feel the need to arm yourself to do so, common sense should tell you that you probably should not go.

he should have known that complaining to the neighbors likely would not be taken very well by the neighbors.
Again, simple common sense dictates that if ya think it's not gonna go well, maybe you should not be there, carrying or not.

But if I think I'm going to a place where I have a higher than normal everyday risk of confronting a particular person and need a gun - maybe I shouldn't go to that particular place to engage that particular person.
I absolutely agree Glenn.

Just my .2
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