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When I moved back to my home state of Michigan after 13 years in Arizona (where I had a CCW and carried for years) I felt completely stripped of my freedom. It was like being in socialist UN-held territory or something. Couldn't even carry my ASP Street Defender.

I'm happy that Michigan has made moves to change things for the better, such as allowing 10% OC pepper spray (but mind your cannister size) and now this HB5225 and HB 5544 coming up to legalize switchblades and some prohibited fixed blade knives. I think that one is important to avoid anti's to try pulling that bull-puckey where they try to illegalize Spydercos and other one-handed opening knives by trying to have them classified as switchblades. I love my guns, but I'll ALWAYS carry a good knife.

I hope nothing hangs up this HB5225, I'll keep trying to watch it and update this thread if I hear any news. Constitutional Carry would be so great in MI. CPLs and similar carry licenses are just another form of gun registration in my opinion.
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