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Here I am innocent, Jim. Not of being tight with the money, but trying to circumvent the cost of an adjustable butt pad to do the job of an adjustable comb.

I only asked about this because of the claim on anoher thread that a morgan pad can be used to lower or raise your poi. I don't think it would since, as I understand it, the height of the comb in relation to the rib remains constant, whereas with an AC you change the relative heights. There may be some incidental effect, as everything is codependent and has some effect on shot making, but I wouldn't expect much.

Zippy, Actually I have tried moleskin and still have some in my range bag. I only experimented with it for a few weeks, but it did seem to raise my poi. How much, there are too many possible factors to say from just shooting and I would have to pattern it.
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