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With all due respect here buddy're trying to find a cheap way to adjust the point of impact vs going to an adj comb for $ 350 ....which is what you really need / by trying to get there with an adj recoil pad - that I don't think is going to work.

You can shoot Trap just fine with the gun you have .... if your current Citori XS Skeet model is giving you a 50% / 50% pattern over the point of impact....then you have to "cover" the bird vs "floating the bird" like most guys want to do for Trap.

Shrugging into the gun a different fundamental issue / and usually it has more to do with your fundamental mount on a gun where the comb is too low ...or maybe the length of pull is too short ..or maybe a little of both ....and shrugging into the gun (will cause all kinds of issues ...limiting your swing, causing shoulder fatigue, etc ) ....but trying to eliminate it by mounting an adj butt the wrong way to go about it in my view.

The shrugging might be able to be fixed by mounting the gun at home 15 times an evening front of a full length mirror ...and using the old "square meal approach" ...push the gun away from you - by almost fully extending your arms ...then move straight up ...then move straight back to your shoulder and your cheek should meet the comb ..( and you don't shrug into the comb or crouch - shrug into the whole gun ). Keep your eyes open as you do this drill and you can watch your shoulders relax ..and just bring the gun to you. You should feel the tension drain away in your shoulders ...vs the cramping in your neck / or accross the top of your shoulders you may be feeling now. Don't over do it ....but 15 times in one session per eveing ...and then do it 4 or 5 evenings a week....I suspect you'll see a difference.

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