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I would like to comment about strapping on your gun.

It's a touch complex. Many of us carry a gun whenever we go out and the location we are going to is legal. It is just a part of everyday equipment, like your wallet.

The nuance is when you strap on your gun to go to a potential confrontation with a specific human. Why a human, because I go hike where there may be critters and thus I have gun. It's a generic risk, like a generic mugger.

But if I think I'm going to a place where I have a higher than normal everyday risk of confronting a particular person and need a gun - maybe I shouldn't go to that particular place to engage that particular person.

Does this make a difference? In a case report in the American Rifleman, an individual went over to a place to argue about owed money. He OC'ed over there as was his right. He also competed with firearms. He ended up shooting the person and claimed SD.

The prosecution claimed that OC'ing over to the person was premeditation.
That he competed was premeditation.
He fired a string of shots, paused and fired another. The prosecution claimed that last shot was a 'kill' shot and premeditated.

Currently being appealed. First lawyer seemed not so competent.

So being seen as strapping on your gun, which is your right - could look bad.

All this clearly indicates, the 'if it is a good shoot cliche' isn't worth spit.
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