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I can understand where you are coming from. I do not think there is an exclamation point in the name, but point taken. My thing is this political correctness and trying to please everyone syndrome...I just don't believe in it. In all honesty I am not buying into the stand your ground arguments going on now either. I hope as well as don't see them being repealed, but it is obvious certain cases(or one case) at the moment have the law in the spotlight. The law makes sense to me. period. judge judy said something one time and it made sense int he 90's just like it does now...if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, that means it is a duck. I personally don't see anything wrong with the 'make my day' law and books shouldn't be judged by their covers anyways. the law made sense in 1985 and seemingly was more acceptable(at least in certain states like CO), and the law still makes total sense just as stand your ground is just under the microscope so to speak. months before the "case" in recent news it was gaining traction. again, I just don't see it stopping as stand your ground isn't really the issue in that case.

I guess it doesn't hurt to have the law on your side in that "Case" being probed in FL, but I just don't see how it helps in this particular matter. I think some people seem to think it is bad because it is a free pass? huh? I think much of the anti gun sentiment comes from colliding and differing state laws on CCW which pretty much just leads to confusion even by law enforcement. I believe these confusions such as the stand your ground law which is being heavily misinterpreted would be better understand with national CCW. CCW anywhere in america...sortof like LEOSA allows for law enforcement...would still have all these state laws that differ but People would understand whether for CCW, against CCW, scared of CCW, etc, etc that it is allowed and it makes sense. I mean its getting ridiculous when people think a neighborhood association booklet might start determining if stand your ground is allowed. there is too much confusion. I appreciate where you are coming from, but why should 'make my day' or "fill in the blanks" have to apologize or change names for something that makes sense. it just makes things sugarcoated and can make things worse in some instances
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