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I think I follow you, Al. The reason I asked is that I have a long neck and am shooting a skeet gun for trap, in which I stand rather erect. As Zippy and some know from other threads, I am considering adding an adjustable pad so that I won't have to do shrug so hard in order to drop the butt pad further down onto my shoulder.

I believe a Morgan Pad or someting like a 100 Straight would enable me to shoot without such an exrteme shrug (as it basically would convert my parallel stock to a monte carlo.)

I still don't understand why the use of an Adjustable Pad ('AP") would cause my dominant eye to rise or lower in relation to the rib. An Adjustable Comb ("AC") would do that.

That assumes that I keep my head on the stock. If my shrug slips as I tire all sorts of bad things can happen. I may simply not have my head down on the comb or I may not realize that I am canting my head or the gun in order to get down on it.

Soory if this doesn't make sense or I seem contentious.
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