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younggunz4life, the "politics" part goes along these lines:

Imagine yourself defending SYG type laws to your theoretical sister, who is an associate VP at a theoretical liberal university. Would you rather defend "No duty to retreat" or "Make my day!" if you had to debate the merits of those laws?

IMO, "Make my day!" sounds like gun owners looking for an excuse to play vigilante - and I'm a life NRA member, CCW holding, martial arts practicing, retired Navy, current defense contractor type. If I think "Make my day!" sounds belligerent, how do you think it sounds to my sister, or to others who might be not only in the other camp, but even on the fence?

It's bad politics, in that "Make my day!" only appeals to people who are already on the pro-side - and it doesn't even appeal to all of them.
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