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Wideners, MidSouth Shooters, GIBrass, they all sell LC on an every-once-in-a-while basis.
I would say that Wideners has LC 223 95% of the time, like right now:
OFB-LC556 95% BULK Once Fired Lake CIty 5.56mm(223) Brass $204.00/3000
also they sometimes have new un-fired LC brass, like right now:
UF556LCP Lake City 5.56 Primed Brass $125 / 1000

They also stock LC 55 gr FMJ but have been out of stock most of the past year. Wideners has some great deals on bulk deals due south of retail packaging and prices.

GIBrass has ALWAYS had LC 223 brass and I highly recommend that you pay the extra $25 per thousand for them to deal with the primer pocket crimp - they are pros at it!!

I followed the link ( and their price is:

Quantity in stock: 362 item(s) available
Weight: 2.00 lbs
Condition: Used
Shipped from: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our price: $13.99 for 100


Uncle Sam has a website:
This is a commercial merchant website and is not related to the US Gov in anyway. As if you needed another hint, other than price, government websites cannot use the .com suffix.

But other than that I like your post.

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