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I'm not a reloader and I'm just getting my feet wet with ammunition designations, loads, primers, cases, etc., etc. I'd like to ask a simple question about .380 and 8mm. Are they the same? I've just purchased an MAS 49/56 that was refitted in the popular .308 caliber. I was told by the dealer to simply purchase milsurp 8mm to shoot in it. (BTW, the rife is in very good condition and does not have any issues with the new caliber.) The dealer indicated that shooting milsurp 8mm would ensure the primer was tough enough to avoid a slam fire scenario.

But back to my original question. Today, I purchased some milsurp 8mm ammo at a local gun show. The box ways 7.62 x 51mm Ball. The bottom of the brass says FNM 81-19. I hand fit a round into the breech and it appears to fit perfectly.

Any info any of you may want to share with me, a newbie learning caliber designation, will be greatly appreciated.
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