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At a recent visit, I arrived at my private club range to see an older man firing a string from his 1911. He relaxed as the gun recoiled, and this allowed the muzzle to rise up and point at the tin roof of the line. The ejected brass kept deflecting off of it, and those that struck him caused him to be visibly distracted. All the while, he maintained his finger on the trigger. I 'patiently' waited until he'd shot it to slide lock and benched it before I approached.

I then recognized his partner as his son, whom I'd met the weekend before 'sighting it in for (his) dad". I greeted the two men and politely asked if I could handle his .45, which the elder readily allowed. I then demonstrated his exaggerated movement as the gun recoiled, and his distraction at the flying brass. I pointed out the hazard involved with his muzzle and maintaining his finger on the trigger.

I ended by saying that a stray shot may injure someone, and could cost us all the use of our club.(Something similar to that). The son remain seated and quiet; but, his father emphatically agreed, and seemed genuinely concerned and thankful for my sincere advice. At no time did I present myself as terse, rude, condescending or less than genteel.

Shortly thereafter, I was waiting to go downrange with my target. I heard them discussing what was obviously a failure-to-extract of the 1911. Not sure if their gun was yet cleared, I asked if they were having an extraction problem. The son spoke out a LOUD, FIRM "No thanks, man, we're fine". I guess he assumed that I was all too-ready to pounce on them with some more 'advice'. Yes, I would have tried to assist, if asked; but, I was really concerned about not walking downrange when their gun was still hot!

My question to is: Was this sour grapes on the son's part? Or, did I overstep my bounds by finishing with comment on the loss of our club? (It is on county-owned land, and leased by us.)
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