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And thats why you dont see any perfect scores in sporting...

Each discipline requires a slightly different skillset. The hardest thing for me to do in trap and skeet is not let my mind wander. Thats the difference between the pros and us mere mortals.

I had a pretty good skeet round going this morning. I decided to take my hunting shotgun, an older AL 390 nicknamed Black Death, out for a spin. I had a pretty good run going, first and second round I crushed the targets. Third round I dropped low #5, not too bad I can still shoot a 99, right??? Wrong! I dropped low #6 TWICE on the 4th round. Finished with a 97 due to not maintaining my focus. Afterward I was replaying the misses it in my head and each miss I called for the bird before I was ready. 2nd miss on low 6 was frustration. Brain fart. My head was momentarily stuck in my 3rd point of contact.
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